OV-fiets leads to decrease in car use

  • Soort:Nieuws Fietsberaad
  • Datum:17-08-2010

OV-fiets customers are satisfied and mainly motivated by the speed and ease of use of this system. That is, according to Fietsersbond, the result of a customer survey among 11,500 OV-fiets customers. Over half of all customers indicate travelling by train more often thanks to OV-fiets and over 15% of customers use their cars less often.

  • OV-fiets is an inexpensive rental bike available at a large number of train stations in the Netherlands and used quite often to travel to the final destination. Both the number of customers of OV-fiets and the number of trips made by OV-fiets have more than doubled between 2007 and 2009. The number of subscriptions has increased to 67,000 and the number of trips to 670,000. The major reasons to prefer an OV-fiets are stated to be the ease of use, freedom, speed, low costs and environmental reasons. In addition, Fietsersbond reports that:
    • 8 % of all users indicate they used to travel by car to the location they reach most often by OV-fiets;
    • 3 % used to be collected by car;
    • 15 % indicates replacing at all OV-fiets instances 1 or several car trips by a combination of train and OV-fiets.
    Since 2007 the number of sites where an OV-fiets is available, has grown to well over 200, with some 4500 bicycles overall. In addition to increasing the number of rental sites at train stations, OV-fiets is also available outside train stations, for instance at metro and bus stops, at Park & Ride sites and at the Hilversum media park.

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OV-fiets leads to decrease in car use

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