NS brightening up bicycle parking facilities

  • Soort:Nieuws Fietsberaad
  • Datum:13-02-2009

NS, the Dutch railway company, is experimenting with a sweeping re-design of a number of bicycle parking facilities. More colours and improved lighting should make the underground caverns more appealing. There will even be an aroma machine to banish musty smells. And instead of muzak there will be poems.

In the ’s-Hertogenbosch bicycle parking an experimental arrangement has been installed. Among other things, different brightness regimes are on trial there: 100 and 200 lux, twice or four times the usual amount of 50 lux. The two brightness levels, in led or traditional fluorescent lighting, have been combined with aisles painted mint green or red.
The aisles are numbered to facilitate retrieval. The entrance to the parking has received a facelift as well. A red passageway and wooden banisters with built-in led lights provide a stylish image. The renovation will cost between 200.000 to 400.000 Euro per parking facility.

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NS brightening up bicycle parking facilities

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