More electronics in the parking facility

  • Soort:Nieuws Fietsberaad
  • Datum:09-02-2011

The guard checking receipts at the entrance to a parking facility may disappear in a number of years. Bicycle parking facilities are increasingly provided with electronics for this purpose. In the Fiets-en-Win project scanners and bar codes have been introduced; the LED&'s Parksystem goes even further by indicating exactly where there is a free space in the parking and how long bicycles have been parked.

So far, the LED’s Parksystem only exists on paper, but implementation need not take long as there is a chance of a trial funded by the Department of Infrastructure and the Environment. In this system each parking space is provided with a sensor registering occupancy. In addition leds are fixed to the surface of the parking floor, indicating free spaces to cyclists.
But there are advantages for the manager as well. The registration of the length of parking allows a distinction to be made between short- and long-term parking. This may lead for instance to more favourable spots being offered to frequent users. In addition the manager always has complete knowledge of the occupancy rate and tools to tackle the issue of abandoned bicycles. An inspector may identify bicycles parked too long by means of a PDA, in order to provide it with a warning message, if need be. The system may in future also allow the reservation of a parking space. An experiment with this system is intended for 2011.

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More electronics in the parking facility

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