Mama Agatha documentary about cycling course for migrant women

  • Soort:Nieuws Fietsberaad
  • Datum:29-07-2014

In a short documentary called Mama Agatha follows a cycling course for migrant women in Amsterdam.&The main objective of the film is to show people that something as simple as a cycling course can have a major impact on peoples&' lives and radically improve their mobility - ¬ only physically, bu

The film follows a group of 15 women and their teacher, a Ghanian 'community mother', as they find their own way into Dutch society on two wheels. It will be a colorful, international and optimistic story about finding a home away from home and the liberating feeling of riding a bicycle. 

The women in the course come from different countries, cultures and religions and speak different lauguages. Many of them are in their 40s - 50s, to this story combines mobility with women's emancipation and cultural diversity. 

The production recently started and shows this 1 minute teaser.

More information about the film on



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Mama Agatha documentary about cycling course for migrant women

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