London rental bike mainly for well-to-do commuters

  • Soort:Nieuws Fietsberaad
  • Datum:22-02-2011

Most users of the Barclays CycleHire programme in London are white, well-paid and male, a survey among 3700 users of the new system revealed.

  • Average age is between 24-44 and six out of ten earn more than 50 thousand pounds a year. By now over 100,000 people have taken out a subscription, 80,000 of which are London residents. The others use the bicycle mainly for after-rail transport. Remarkably, many cyclists previously travelled by underground: 35% of all journeys were previously made by underground, 23% by bus, and 29% were made on foot. The most important reason for hiring a bicycle is commuting (mentioned by 67%). Other reasons: leisure (38%) and visits (30%). Shopping accounted for 26 per cent. And most journeys take less than 30 minutes (which makes them free of charge).


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London rental bike mainly for well-to-do commuters

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