Is an e cargobike cheaper than a delivery van

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  • Datum:24-06-2015

How much would you save by replacing a car or a delivery van by an e-cargobike?

In the context of the European PRO-E-BIKE project, an Excel programme has been developed to make this kind of calculation. The project aims to promote the use of electrical vehicles, especially e-bikes, e-cargobikes and e-scooters for transporting goods and persons.

One of the results is a simulation tool for companies and public authorities operating a fleet of vehicles. The tool calculates the benefits in terms of cost and emissions to be generated by the use of e-vehicles.

The results are an indication, to be specified in detail on the basis of the exact needs of a company. The developers promise that the tool can be used in all European countries. For every country, local data can be added to increase the relevance of the outcome.

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Is an e cargobike cheaper than a delivery van

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