Interest in freight bicycle

  • Soort:Nieuws Fietsberaad
  • Datum:14-11-2011

Half of all journeys in town serve to transport goods, a third of which concerns light-weight items. The potential for a freight bicycle is therefore great. A new European project focuses on this need.

The data are provided by the European Cyclists Federation, one of the organisations involved in the Cycling logistics project running in 12 countries until 2014. Within the project the knowledge of authorities, private parties, interest groups, communication experts and sustainability organisations is to be collected and propagated. Possible targets include window-cleaners, handymen and plumbers operating in town. But local services like parks and sanitation departments might consider using bicycles more often as well. Within the scope of the project solutions like panniers and freight bicycles are to be tested as well. The objective is to get 2000 new freight bicycles on the road anyhow.

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Interest in freight bicycle

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