IKEA tests pickup cycle

  • Soort:Nieuws Fietsberaad
  • Datum:01-03-2011

The IKEA store in Delft has introduced a pickup cycle for hire, allowing people to transport their new furniture home under their own steam. The pickup cycle has been developed by TU Delft.

  • Delft is the location of the IKEA Concept Center where various ideas and solutions are tested. As an experiment, people can rent a transport bicycle designed to move large furniture, for ten Euros. The Vrachtfiets (pickup cycle) is an innovative spin-off from Delft Technical University. The concept is based on interchangeable modules for the cargo space of the Vrachtfiets. In this way it is possible to provide customer-specific solutions by means of a single bicycle. Various applications are possible per bicycle, as the various modules are interchangeable. In this way a single Vrachtfiets can be used for both goods and passenger transport. Vrachtfiets may also be of service in car-free areas such as historic town centres and national parks.

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IKEA tests pickup cycle

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