Headway for Shared Space

  • Soort:Nieuws Fietsberaad
  • Datum:28-01-2009

Both in the Netherlands and abroad increasing numbers of roads are being designed in accordance with the Shared Space philosophy. Recent publications demonstrate that some dozen towns in the Netherlands are using or considering Shared Space. In the rest of Europe the design philosophy is gaining adherents as well.

  • Shared Space is a philosophy where public space is designed in such a way that the various groups of traffic participants - motorists, cyclists and pedestrians - may jointly use it without a strict separation of traffic modes.
    The province of Friesland recently published the leaflet 'Shared Space - Final evaluation and results' (download available in the tab related information), on the results of seven European projects, among them the well-known Dutch examples in Haren and Emmen, but also examples from England, Germany and Denmark. This English-language leaflet demonstrates various approaches of Shared Space, for instance in case of high speeds, cultural-historical considerations and quality of the countryside. The leaflet concludes that there are no simple, always applicable solutions, but that these seven projects have greatly contributed to knowledge development in this field.

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Headway for Shared Space

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