FietsFest, a new festival celebrates Dutch bicycle culture

  • Soort:Nieuws Fietsberaad
  • Datum:09-05-2014

Cultural festival celebrates the bicycle in word, sound and image during the World Ports Classic in Rotterdam.

Saturday May 24th 2014 will be the first time FietsFest will be held.&

  • FietsFest is a new, one day, cultural festival celebrating Dutch cycling culture in word, image and sound. It will take place in the Fenixloods as part of so called Rotterdams Wielerweekend. During that same weekend the Ronde van Katendrecht (May 24th) and World Ports Classic (May 24th and 25th) will take place. FietsFest is a mutual initiative of the Dutch Cyclists' Union Fietsersbond and Soigneur magazine.

    Worldwide trend
    All aspects of cycling have a place at FietsFest: The professional sport, the world of the active enthusiast biker and the role of the bicycle in the everyday life. There are many traditions and stories surrounding the bicycle. And, at the same time, it plays a leading part in a growing global trend. More than ever before, people everywhere opt for a bike. The Netherlands is, and always has been, a front-runner in use and knowledge of bicycles. Cycling is seen as part of the Dutch DNA, but becoming the number 1 cycling destination hasn't been just a nature's gift.

    Hugo van der Steenhoven - Director Dutch Cycling Union: “The Dutch Cycling Union is proud of the way cycling is considered as completely normal in the Netherlands. But it’s important to reflect on just how extraordinary our use of bicycles actually is, and to celebrate that. Art, innovation and narration show how beautiful cycling in the Netherlands is.”

    FietsFest will be a combination of: film, inspiring speakers, interviews and panel discussions, writers, expositions, fashion and music.

    Some highlights of the festival are;

    The movie ‘Welcome to my world’ in collaboration with IDFA
    A panel discussion about The bike in the city of the future (with a.o. Mecanoo and Artgineering)
    Presentations about The Netherlands and it’s bicycle DNA (with a.o. Pete Jordan, Aletta Koster)
    Première of the movie Genre de Vie about the global cycling cultures in cities
    The Big Michael Boogerd Quiz, with Michael Boogerd and cycling journalist Peter Ouwerkerk
    Short movie about Dutch writer Tim Krabbé in the Tour of Flanders (première)
    De Muur stage: a.o. Frank Heinen and the short movie 'The Letter' by ex pro rider Kenneth Mercken
    Het is Koers stage: a.o. Vincent Cardinaal, Mark de Bruijn, Herman Chevrolet, Martijn Sargentini and Koen de Koker – the singing fair-rider
    Groos Rotterdam presents: Chocoholic, Man met Bril koffie, Imke de Jong, Re:Cycle, and more
    Lola Bikes & Coffee serves coffee and cycle stories
    Presentation of several initiatives 'Made in Holland'; VANMOOF, QicQ, blueOn bike, RIH, Soigneur, Popup peloton and Rosalie's Recipes
    Contributors to FietsFest 2014 are BOVAG, Bas Steman, The Bikewriters, Mecanoo, Dutch Cycling Embassy, NBTC Holland Marketing, Artgineering, and more.

    Location and tickets
    The main location of the festival is the Fenixloods 1 on Katendrecht. The program will start at 12.30 and ends from 23.00 with a DJ.

    To check out he complete program visit the website: Tickets cost EUR 10,- and are available online or at the entrance of the festival.

    FietsFest is part of the Wielerweekend in Rotterdam. That Saturday there will be plenty to do on and around Katendrecht, like De Ronde van Katendrecht and the start of the World Ports Classic. Rotterdam celebrates the bicycle!

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FietsFest, a new festival celebrates Dutch bicycle culture

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