Dutch cycling experts active in Macedonia as well

  • Soort:Nieuws Fietsberaad
  • Datum:16-05-2011

Dutch cycling experts can be encountered all over the world. Of late Fietsberaad has dispatched a number of cycling experts to Canada and the United States. The organisation Interface for Cycling has been present for a number of years in countries in South-America, Africa and Asia, including Brazil and India. Macedonia has now joined this number.

In cooperation with the Dutch embassy in Skopje and consultants Royal Haskoning, students of architecture at Skopje university attended a training course, a four-day workshop on cycling over the past couple of weeks, as a training course. The central issue was how to promote cycling in the town of Prilep.
After a general introduction about bicycles and getting acquainted with the town, there were presentations about designing for bicycles, with emphasis on bike paths, intersections and bicycle parking. Students were subsequently required to elaborate these issues for the Prilep situation. That was to lead to final reports that may cause local authorities to actually implement these proposals in practice.
This is moreover not the first time a visit was paid to Macedonia, nor will it be the last. Next year the scheme will be repeated, and there are by now more local authorities that have shown an interest.

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Dutch cycling experts active in Macedonia as well

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