Cyclists are pampered at Medisch Spectrum Twente

  • Soort:Nieuws Fietsberaad
  • Datum:01-02-2013

Within the Medisch Spectrum Twente (MST) hospital, bicycles are frequently used as a means of transport. Moreover, about fifty percent of the employees commute between home and work by bike. Still, according to hospital staff, this percentage can increase, for instance by making employees more aware of travel costs.

  • In order to visualise this, Twente Mobiel developed a calculation model so that employees can compute the costs as well as the reimbursements and fiscal advantages of the various means of transport. These include travel options such as private cars/motorbikes, leased cars, pedelecs and scooters, public transport, rental bikes, carpooling, or combinations of these. After entering their data employees can see the costs of various means of transport for their own situation. This can lead to an altered choice of transportation mode.

    As the hospital has only limited parking possibilities for cars, it has been actively promoting the use of bicycles for some time. Employees can earn credits each time they cycle to work. The longer the route the more credits are earned, which can again be used as vouchers in bike shops participating in the credit scheme. The MST hospital also provides the necessary facilities for its employees to commute to the hospital by bike. There is a secure bike parking lot near and with easy access to the hospital. Here cyclists can use the e-bike and pedelec charging station (pedelecs are bicycles on which the cyclist’s power on the pedals is amplified electrically per pushing movement up to speeds of 25 km/h). Employees can also try out a pedelec. Moreover there's a special bike repair day twice per year. On these days, a bicycle repairman is available at the bike parking place from early in the morning to inspect critical bike components and perform needed repairs for free.

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Cyclists are pampered at Medisch Spectrum Twente

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