‘Cycle to Work’ a success

  • Soort:Nieuws Fietsberaad
  • Datum:18-07-2011

The campaign on commuter cycling is a success in Great Britain. According to research by The Cycle to Work Alliance 71% of participants do without their cars completely or more often.

  • The Cycle to Work Alliance is an organisation attempting to convince people – in cooperation with the cycling industry – to use their bicycles more often for commuting. They have managed to get some 400,000 people in Great Britain enthusiastic about the commuter bicycle, which may be bought with tax incentives. Approximately 30 per cent of these live in or near London, the rest elsewhere in Great Britain.
    In a user survey 44,599 people participated. They indicate that the bicycle has led to a major decrease in car use. Of these, 71% say they use their cars in a different way now and 70% state driving considerably less each week. In addition 87% feel their health is improving and 84% say it is a good way of keeping fit.
    The approach also leads to the discovery of cycling. Of all participants 61% did not cycle to work before the start of the project and 70% define themselves as new or occasional cyclists. The cycling industry benefits as well: three quarters say they would not have bought a new bicycle without the tax incentive. And 98% recommends colleagues to start cycling as well.

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Cycle to Work a success

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