Copenhagen introduces rental bikes with tablets

  • Soort:Nieuws Fietsberaad
  • Datum:13-09-2013

Copenhagen launched the first rental bikes fitted with tablets. Not only do they provide information about shareable bikes and docking stations, but one also can plan a route or consult a public transport route planner.

  • Copenhagen has maintained a public share-bike system – especially popular among tourists – already since 1995. At the end of last year the municipality decided to introduce a totally new system, so that Copenhagen will now have the most advanced share-bike system in the world. The new share bikes are not only equipped with gps, but they also sport a handlebar-mounted tablet connected to the internet.

    In addition to travel information, the tablet can also provide location-based information about regional activities. One can book the bikes online and also with the help of a special app.

    The bikes themselves are made of aluminium with puncture-proof tires. As a start, 150-200 bikes will be deployed this year. That number will increase to 1500 next year, distributed over 65 stations. By adding just a couple of extra parts, these bikes can be easily converted to electric bikes.

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Copenhagen introduces rental bikes with tablets

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