Copenhagen Velocity 2010 great success

  • Soort:Nieuws Fietsberaad
  • Datum:30-06-2010

There were over 1000 participants from 60 countries at Velocity Global, the largest cycling conference in the world, held in Copenhagen from June 22 to 25, 2010. And everyone agreed: it was a hugely successful conference.
Well organised and with innovations allowing much more interaction than at previous conferences.

New, for instance, were the Round Tables, with six or seven round tables in a large hall where various presentations were given to audiences of some 15 people, starting with a five-minute introduction, followed by 40 minutes of discussion. And then on to another table.
The Questions workshop was a success as well. This focussed on a single question (for instance how to improve the image of cycling) for the audience to get their teeth into. But the presentations in the regular workshops were different as well. One hour was scheduled for two presentations of 20 minutes each with 20 minutes for questions and discussions. After the introductions participants were asked to discuss with their neighbour how useful this would be in actual practice for themselves.
Another remarkable feature was Copenhagen 1:1, where local solutions were presented at various locations all over town, ranging from crossing facilities at intersections to parking facilities for carrier bicycles. At the Meet the Danes event people could shop around at 60 stalls with Danish cycling initiatives. There was also a Bike Parade with all participants as well as many Danes, cycling straight through Copenhagen and Fredriksberg (a town completely encircled by Copenhagen).
Lots of interactivity, but also superb plenary speakers, able to give lucid and convincing presentations. The presentations by Michael Colville Andersen (, Gil Peñalosa and Jeannette Sadik-Khan (New York) in particular were inspirational.
The event organisation was excellent as well. Kudos for this to the cities of Copenhagen and Fredriksberg and the ECF. Copenhagen was presented in a most flattering light, almost enviably so.
The Dutch stand was magnificent. Presided over by Hillie Talens and Floor ten Brink (CROW) all Dutch participants were united into a single Dutch bicycle paradise At a strategic location, near sandwiches and coffee, so nearly everyone dropped in for a chat, a flyer or to buy the Design manual bicycle traffic or one of the other publications. Fietsberaad International has gained a multitude of new contacts as well as new opportunities for exchange of expertise.
[foto: Troels Heien]

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Copenhagen Velocity 2010 great success

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