Campaign by real cyclists

  • Soort:Nieuws Fietsberaad
  • Datum:01-08-2011

It has been done before: a cycling campaign based on pictures of ‘real cyclists&'. The Belgian town of Ghent intends to focus more emphatically on cycling in this way.

Last year towns like Toulouse and Munich made the headlines, the latter thanks to the Radlstar campaign. Sponsored by a manufacturer of cycling apparel, people could have their pictures taken with their bicycle. The general public was invited to select via the internet the best pictures from the approximately 1000 images collected in this way. The selections were used on bus shelters and advertising pillars as part of a communication campaign focussing on cycling. The idea caught on in Ghent, where a ‘pop-up photo studio’ appeared at regular intervals all over town this April. Random cyclists were asked if they were willing to sit for a professional photographer. This approach led to 448 cyclists’ portraits. In this case, too, anyone can vote via the internet . The intention is to have the 25 winners on display in large format in the Ghent town centre this autumn.
The picture campaign is part of the Gent Cycle Chic website (, supported by Ghent local authorities, a weblog ‘celebrating the Ghent cycling culture’ according to its makers. The site aims to emulate the well-known Danish Cycle Chic website , emphasising cycling fashion, image and culture. The aim is to demonstrate to visitors that urban cycling is not only fast and efficient, but also trendy and hip.

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Campaign by real cyclists

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