Bike path in the ditch

  • Soort:Nieuws Fietsberaad
  • Datum:27-09-2010

By now it is more than a wild idea. The first prototype of the bike caisson has been realised and several road authorities have shown an interest. This invention allows construction of a bike path over an existing ditch, without disrupting water management.

The bike caisson by the Nijmegen designer Jean-Paul de Garde allows construction of a bike path where lack of space would otherwise necessitate cutting down trees or additional land acquisition. The caisson with the bike path on top is simply placed in the existing ditch.
But the prefabricated concrete components may serve more purposes. In combination with porous paving the concept is also suitable for water storage in urban areas, according to De Garde. It may also be used for all lead-up services.
According to De Garde road authorities both inside and outside the Netherlands have shown an interest in his invention.

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Bike path in the ditch

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