App rewards sound traffic behaviour

  • Soort:Nieuws Fietsberaad
  • Datum:31-05-2012

The city of Breda has announced the development of an app that rewards smart travel behaviour. Users who choose the bicycle or keep to the speed limit as a motorist can gain bonus points and win various prizes.

  • The idea is copied from a project in Sweden where speeding motorists were fined but law-abiding motorists were rewarded when passing a speed camera. The city of Breda was inspired by this approach and contacted the company IJsberg Consultants. The result was the development of an application that will be available within the next months, first for iPhone and later also for Android.
    The app will use tracking data of movements from the users; cyclists and motorists. Users can download the app for free and indicate if they want to participate in the prize lottery. If they choose not to participate, it’s possible to only register traffic behaviour.

    The project is a co-operation between the City of Breda, the Province of Noord-Brabant and the Breda University of Applied Sciences. The prizes are sponsored by local shop owners. In total, the invested sum is €100,000. The Android version of the app and a backend system for data analysis will bring the total cost to approximately €300,000.

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App rewards sound traffic behaviour

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