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High cycling percentage mainly a matter of audacity


Enthusiasm and audacity are the main ingredients for local authorities to obtain high cycling percentages, is the conclusion from a study by AgentschapNL into the factors that may affect bicycle use.

The town of Raalte served as a model in this study. It has a high percentage of bicycle use without any clearly visible reasons. There is plenty of parking space and no expensive bicycle projects have been realised. According to ThuisraadRO conducting the study it is mainly due to administrative-organisatorial factors. The presence of a group of enthusiastic leaders from all walks of life is one such factor. Bicycle use is also affected by the audacity demonstrated by local authorities, the large degree of unanimity and the continuity of approach. The integral approach, in the widest sense of the word, proved crucial for the results obtained. In addition a number of physical measures have promoted bicycle use such as the creation of a large residential area in a major part of the town, consistent right of way for cyclists and the construction of primary cycling routes along neighbourhood connector roads.

Analyse van het succesvolle langjarige fietsbeleid van Raalte, als voorbeeld voor andere kleinere gemeenten.
David Hembrow
24-06-2011 @ 09:20

This article could be confusing. It lacks context. As such, if you read it as some people from English speaking countries will, with an idea that cycle infrastructure is not helpful, then this article could appear to support that point of view.

However, Raalte actually has rather good cycle infrastructure. It may be unexceptional and normal by Dutch standards, but actually thw town has a network which has few if any parallels outside the Netherlands. This is undoubtedly a large factor in its success with encouraging a high rate of cycling.

On my blog you'll find a few views from Google Streetview giving some context of what Raalte is actually like.

29-06-2011 @ 20:15

Vreemde stelling,wat is er gedurft aan om een fietser prioriteit te geven tov auto of OV?

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