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Considerable economic effects from recreational cycling


Annually over 50 per cent of the Dutch population (which means over 8.5 million people) make a recreational cycling trip. This results in over 200 million cycling trips of one hour or more and approximately 750 million Euro in expenses en route, reports Stichting Landelijk Fietsplatform.

These expenses have grown considerably, per trip on average by 34 per cent in comparison to 2002. The number of overnight cycling trips has increased as well. In 2008 over 1 million holidays were spent cycling, approximately 450,000 of which on the basis of the LF network. Fietsplatform sees opportunities for a further increase in recreational cycling and cycling holidays in the Netherlands, among other things by stimulating incoming cycle tourism.
According to Fietsplatform chairman Jan Dijkema this depends however on a continued investment in recreational cycling opportunities and further strengthening of the co-operation in marketing and information. Recreational bicycle facilities deserve generous attention due to its social importance, according to the platform. After all, these increase quality of life in an area and stimulate bicycle use, leading to positive results on public health (activity standards, relaxation by exertion) and the environment. ‘But above all else, recreational cycling facilities provide a strong economic stimulus.’

Annually cyclists spend some 750 million Euro on cycling trips, particularly on food, drink and lodging. The cycling industry cashes in as well. Annually an estimated 450 million Euro are spend for recreational purposes on bicycles and cycling accessories. Remarkable in this respect is the advance of electrically-assisted bicycles - allowing the elderly to continue to enjoy cycling.

Stichting Landelijk Fietsplatform , Stichting Landelijk Fietsplatform
In dit rapport zijn cijfers en feiten uit verschillende onderzoeken en inventarisaties gebundeld en voorzien van opmerkingen en aanbevelingen. Het recreatieve fietsen is daarbij afgebakend tot het gebruik van de fiets in de vrije tijd, zonder sportelement (racefietsen en mountainbiken).
Stichting Landelijk Fietsplatform , Stichting Landelijk Fietsplatform
This reports presents the facts and figures gathered from various studies and surveys and provides comments and recommendations. Recreational cycling has been defined here as using a bicycle in spare time, without sports features (racing and mountain biking).
John Joseph Power
16-06-2009 @ 16:24

As Regards Electro Bikes for the Elderly. I went on a Trip to Skerries Nth County Dublin to look at the Windmills that the Council has Restored and also it is a Nice Rural Area and a Nice Cycle Trip about 30 K from Dublin City. As I Cycled through Balgriffin En Route to Skerries I noticed an Elderly Man with an Electro Bike. I continued on my Way and had to stop on the Main Road to Drogheda to Wipe something that got in my Eye,Incidentally it was Sun Tan Lotion.

Then the Man I had seen Earlier 15 K back in Balgriffin came alongside and stopped for a Chat. He said I was a Great Cyclist, he had been watching me Flying along the Road. I said I am not that Great just average, the Bike I had is Light A Raleigh Pionner LX. This is my Long Distance Bike,I have a Dutch Bike an Azor Crossframe that I use for Town ,Shopping and Leisure Cycling. He said he was Dutch and Living in Ireland for Years and used to be a Great Cyclist in his younger Days. He had never heard of Azor only Gazelle and Batavus and a few other makes of Dutch Bikes. I said Azor is from Hoogeveen and not an Old Company. His Bike was a Gazelle Electro bike and he went all over the Country on it and had a few Batteries on Charge.

He would be lost without his Electric Bike to get around, he was around 70 Years Old. He used to live in Achill . I wished him Well and forgot to get his Name and went on my Way turning Right for Skerries and He went on towards Drogheda.

I have noticed quite a few Dutch People Living in Ireland over the Years,they seem to like it here.

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