Kenniscentrum voor fietsbeleid

Facts and figures

The knowledge bank at the website of SWOV provides a lot of  up-to-date factual information on road safety; specifically through ‘Vervoerwijze’ where bicycle travel is concerned: The basic data of the accident registry may be processed by anyone. At (in English as well) all possible selections, time sequences and comparisons can be made. The most important analyses on traffic safety of cyclists in the Netherlands are contained in The Dutch Bicycle Master Plan, until the middle of the nineteen nineties. More recent analyses: Trends in road safety of cyclists over the years (Ontwikkeling verkeersveiligheid fietsers door de jaren heen) and Factsheet traffic safety cyclists.

In analyses in figures of bicycle traffic safety the link between safety and bicycle use has often been under discussion. For the Netherlands there is an emphatic general rule: more bicycle use leads to more traffic safety. This statement can be substantiated in various ways: Three myths about bicycle policies.

Recently the effects of bicycle use on traffic safety have been analysed in more detail, as well as the differences among various towns: Effect increase percentage bicycles on traffic safety (Effecten toename fietsaandeel op de verkeersveiligheid).

2009 Wide overview of the safety aspects of cyclists.