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In road safety issues children are a highly specific group. In accordance with actual practice in the Netherlands, the emphasis here is on safety of children on bicycles. A survey of the major safety issues for children is provided by: Factsheet children and safety.

Children require specific attention in the design stage, due to their limitations, see the general design manual by CROW: Manual designing for children. An interesting focus on the overview children have in traffic: Children on the road.

In the Netherlands a lot of attention is paid to safety situations in particular circumstances: children on their way to and from their primary schools. The facts, on average for the entire country, demonstrate that transport by car is still quite limited, but that the majority of cycling children is accompanied by their parents: Transportation behaviour of children to their primary schools. Among schools, however, situations vary greatly, among other things as a result of travel distances (schools with a regional function). And safety in the immediate vicinity may differ greatly by school. A good survey of all methods used to enhance safety near schools: Auxiliaries for traffic working groups (Hulptroepen voor verkeerswerkgroepen). A separate subject is road education in schools themselves. The theory is widely taught; but practical traffic education (particularly by bicycle) is much more difficult: Education difficult field for traffic specialists. Concentrating on promoting bicycle use in secondary schools: Secondary cycling: help pupils get along safely.

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