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Handhaving fietsparkeren [en]

Dirk Ligtermoet - Ligtermoet & Partners , Fietsverkeer nr 15, feb. 2007, pag 20-22.
2007 How to deal with dangerously or obnoxiously parked bicycles is quite easy: these should be removed. But other incorrectly parked bicycles cause headaches among authorities. An analysis of everyday practice.
Martijn te Lintelo, Gemeente Nijmegen
2009 Evaluation by Nijmegen local authorities of the 2007 bicycle parking policy. The situation in the town centre is satisfactory; in the station area not yet.
M. Geerdink, R. Schooleman, B. Staffhorst, H. Doornbos, M. Hes , Berenschot
2010 Parking bicycles at train stations is a difficult policy issue. This analysis leads to the advice to concentrate (final) responsibility for parking bicycles in station areas in one hand, preferably at a local level.
Article 2003 Empirical studies at train stations show the percentage of misplaced bicycles, and consequently shortages in bicycle parking capacity, may be reduced by removing unused bicycles.