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Fietsvoorzieningen bij GOWs [en]

Hans Godefrooij (DTV), Otto van Boggelen (Fietsberaad) , Fietsberaad
2008 Fietsberaad publication with recommendations and real-life examples on whether or not bicycle paths along 80-kilometre roads should be converted into parallel roads.
Factsheet 2008 A SWOV factsheet: overview of safety knowledge about bicycle paths and bicycle lanes among GOWs, plus junction solutions. Including many literature references.
Ursula Lehner-Lierz , Fietsverkeer
2005 Survey of experiences with bicycle lanes in Germany and Switzerland, plus facts on recommended widths.
Theo Zeegers , Ketting
2004 Detailed information about desired widths of types of bicycle lanes.
Theo Zeegers - Fietsersbond , Ketting nr 189, pag 6-7.
2008 Separate bicycle paths or bicycle lanes on arterial roads? A survey of arguments
Factsheet 2009 A factsheet by SWOV: survey of the knowledge about the relationship between speeds of car traffic and danger, on the various types of road.
Brochure 2002 Examples of the layout of bike paths and bike lanes along local roads in Nordrhein-Westfalen.