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Companies and agencies

Many companies in the Netherlands possess a good location for their employees to park their bikes. More or less spontaneously, without any official intervention. Sinply because employees want to park their bikes safely - and because many companies do have room to provide a suitable (often even locked) location. In addition, since the nineteen nineties an employee parking facility is legally required. At the same time, of course, it’s not all roses: Bicycle and parking garage (De fiets in de parkeergarage). Considerably less sunny is the bicycle parking situation for visitors to companies and agencies: customers, citizens. Particularly in large office buildings attracting scores of visitors (for instance town halls) these are facilities requiring a considerable amount of space. At the design stage people arriving by bicycle are sometimes simply forgotten. Or, even more often: not forgotten but erased by architects feeling bicycles do not aesthetically match the glamorously designed entrance to the building. This leads to ridiculous situations (No room for bicycles in aesthetically sound city (In de esthetisch verantwoorde stad ontbreekt de fiets), mainly due to the fact that bicycles will be parked there anyway (if all else fails against walls and on its own stand).

A new and special phenomenon are guarded bicycle parking facilities at (secondary) schools. In the Netherlands this is active policy particularly in Den Haag – and a successful one: ‘The increase can be really terrifying’

2010 Facts and figures on bicycle parking, allowing a calculation how many bicycle parking spaces are necessary for specific functions
Article 2002 A guarded bicycle parking facility at secondary schools leads to a considerable increase in bicycle use, as demonstrated in the region Haaglanden.