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Bicycle parking at Delft Station


The city of Delft has a new railway station, which includes of course a new underground bicycle parking with space for 5,000 bicycles. 

There is room for no less than 5,000 bicycles, surveillance is 24/7 and parking is free for the first 14 days. The parking is centrally located in the station. From the city centre, cyclists can ride straight into the parking and from there proceed directly to the platforms which are one level down. The door-to-door trip has been cut down to the minimum!

The new parking is equipped with a clever system: HBF (Dutch for Maintenance and Utilisation of Bike Parkings), which is also being used in the new facility at Utrecht Central Station. A sensor in the bike rack monitors whether it is in use and for how long, providing prospective users with immediate information on availability and thus allowing maximum use of the parking’s capacity. The HBF system also registers the length of time a bike has been parked, thus facilitating management decisions on whether or not to remove long-stay bikes.

Clarence Arthur le Hane
31-05-2018 @ 08:32

Dear Sir/Madam

My Expensive mountain Bike was removed from the secure parking facility at Delft Station on Tuesday, 29 May 2018. I am yet unable to find the bike, and the authorities are not being sufficiently helpful, is my view.  

On Tuesday, when the bike went missing the attendant, after checking his records, said that they had removed the bike, probably because the sensor on the rack where it stood is faulty. Last night a different attendant told a different story. This one said that they did not remove any bikes from the row where my son parked his bike. 

I have checked with the municipality (Gemeente - Delft) and their lists, and the bike is not there.
What do I do to have the film footage checked? The bike parked in rack number 124 in either rows 15 or 16 between the hours 08:15 and 18:00.

We cannot afford to lose this bike; please help?

Ik lees en begrijp het Nederlands, maar ben nog steeds leren vloeiend schrijven en spreken - genoeg om moeiteloos te communiceren. Communiceren gerus in het Nederlands als het makkelijker is.

Met vriendelijke groet,

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