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Leds warn of crossing cyclists


At the moment there are already led pedestrian crossings at some 20 locations in the Netherlands. Crossings where pedestrians are detected by means of infrared or radar detection, causing led lights to start flashing in the surface of the road. In Papendrecht a variation has now been installed on a roundabout covering cyclists as well.

According to local authorities this is supposed to be a sustainably safe roundabout, among others because the bicycle and pedestrian crossings have been elevated and the lanes are separated by islands, so pedestrians need only cross a single lane at a time.
But apparently these measures were insufficient to ensure the safety of cyclists, so additional striking led lighting was installed in the road surface.
The manufacturer provided software made specifically for this location, which would ensure reliable detection of cyclists.
The use of led lights to warn drivers of cyclists is not entirely novel. At the Nansenplein roundabout in Goes led lights have been incorporated into the road surface that start flashing when cyclists are approaching. At the same time the warning signs on either side of the crossing will light up as well. The use of flashing leds is controversial, however. According to opponents to this approach drivers might start counting on being warned of cyclists by means of leds, even where this is not the case.


Knipperende LEDs en blauw asfalt moeten voorkomen dat er nog meer slachtoffers vallen op de rotonde Nansenplein in Goes.
P.T. Kho (Gemeente Haarlem)
02-12-2010 @ 13:15

Heeft de fietser echt voorrang? Ondanks dat het bord B6 wel aanwezig is, mis ik hier de haaientanden.

02-12-2010 @ 15:51

Het bord B6 hangt wel vrij hoog!

Erwin van der List (Gemeente Oosterhout)
02-12-2010 @ 21:41

In navolging van het Nansenplein in Goes is ook in Oosterhout (NB) in 2010 een enkelstrooksrotonde aangelegd met LED-verlichting voor de fietsoversteken. Het tweerichtingenfietspad rondom zit in de voorrang en is t.b.v. de verkeersveiligheid verhoogd aangelegd en, als extra attentieverhogende maatregel, ook nog voorzien van de knipperende LED's. De LED's worden aangestuurd via radardetectie en dit functioneert tot op heden prima.

19-01-2011 @ 17:16

This looks like an interesting solution. Do you have any information on costs of such a solution?

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