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The car kilometre is six times more expensive than a bike kilometre


A kilometre ridden by bike costs society 8 cents. A kilometre ridden by car costs 50 cents. This has been calculated in Denmark where the socio-economic costs and benefits of the car and bike have been contrasted.


This calculation was done by DTU Transport, at the Technical University of Denmark. Taken into account were the costs associated with the use of the chosen vehicle, the time required for a trip, as well as costs associated with unsafe traffic conditions, environmental impact, and possible traffic jams.
The factors Health (a plus for the bike) and Time (a plus for the car, a minus for the bike) were particularly influential in the calculation. The costs of traffic accidents influenced the bicycle factor, but this was generously compensated by the health gains.
When everything is taken into account, the conclusion is that every kilometre travelled by bike costs 8 cents, while a kilometre travelled by car costs 50 cents. The Danish researchers admit that these figures must be taken with a grain of salt, for they are based on a number of assumptions - such as the average occupancy of a car, its average speed, worldwide economic developments, etc., but the outcome is applicable to the overall estimation of investments in infrastructure.

Troels Andersen e.a. , Cycling Embassy of Denmark.
The Danish Collection of cycle concepts 2012 presents a number of ideas to help generate more bicycle traffic and reduce the accident rate among cyclists.
26-07-2012 @ 12:35

Can you post a link to this research?  I can't find any original source, at least not via Google or the DTU research website...

26-07-2012 @ 14:02


You can find the source by clicking 'Gerelateerde items' or 'Related information' above.

26-07-2012 @ 14:49

OK, thanks!

Valentina Gallo (Politecnico di Milano)
31-07-2012 @ 22:38

I'm sorry but I'm looking for the link to the research document as well as Blair, but I can't find the "Related information" button to click on. Thank you

02-08-2012 @ 09:38
John Joseph Power
16-09-2012 @ 01:12

I would say Bicycle usage costs very much less ,really only entailing the occasional cost of Tyres ,Inner Tubes,Lubrication, and once a year service practically nothing.

Whereas a Car costs a lot each week in Fuel and lots of repairs throughout the year then a service each year. Then of course Insurance ,Tax,costs of Parking. Also the bad effects on your Health.

There is really no contest,a car loses hands down in every way. The time factor is insignificant just allow more time to get to your destination. In our City of Dublin the Bike is often the quickest way of getting around unless you are  travelling more than 15km. Most people only travel up to 5km at most and some 10km. A car is only really needed when travelling long distances inter city.

John Joseph Power
16-09-2012 @ 01:35

@ Linda Heilmann. I had a look at the report very interesting ,lot's of articles to peruse  will have to come back to it every so often .Thanks for the presentation.

Janine Hogendoorn (
27-01-2014 @ 14:06

Is er ook bekend wat een autokilometer en een fietskilometer opbrengt? De staat ontvangt zo'n 20 miljard euro aan wegenbelasting, accijns, boetes etc. De opbrengst van fietsen, qua besparing openbare ruimte, wegenonderhoud, gezondheid, bereikbaarheid, etc is dat uit te drukken in getal? 

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