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Waiting is a consequence of choices


On the basis of research and opinions in the field: six points of particular interest for bicycle-friendly adjustment of traffic lights.

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To cyclists a cycle time of 90 seconds marks the difference between good and bad traffic lights. This knowledge is shared by council members, local branches of Fietsersbond and experts, is the result of a preliminary study commissioned by Fietsersbond. Local authorities that want to design bicycle-friendly traffic lights may best begin during the initial designs for a neighbourhood, route or intersection. There is also much to gain with better maintenance and management of existing traffic lights.

Daniƫl de Haan, Theo Zeegers en Piet van der Linden , Verkeerskunde
Real-life examples demonstrate much can be done to decrease waiting times for cyclists at traffic lights, without affecting the flow of cars.
Erik Jongenotter en Martijn Akkerman , Fietsverkeer
Empirical research at 24 traffic light controlled junctions in six towns: how long and why do cyclists have to wait?

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