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Fietsberaad publication 7. Bicycle policies of the European principals:continuous and integral

Dirk Ligtermoet (Ligtermoet & Partners, Gouda) , Fietsberaad

Comparison of bicycle policy in 5 Dutch bicycle towns (Groningen, Zwolle, Veenendaal, Enschede, Amsterdam) and 5 foreign towns (Copenhagen, Munster, Freiburg, Ghent and Odense).

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Publication containing ten urban reports which show how bicycle policy has contributed to increased bicycle use in the long term. Ten unique yet similar stories which can serve as an example of how high bicycle use can be achieved in the long term.

The ten stories are mainly specifications of the general line of ‘long term’ and ‘integral’. Each city has a different story, with different emphases based on the local situation. The differences and similarities between the ten stories are analysed further at the end of this publication.


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Bicycle use continues to grow in Groningen. Last year the forty main bicycle routes in the town were used by 230,000 cyclists. That is an almost seven per cent increase compared to 2008. And an increase of over fifteen per cent compared to the year before that.
Policy memorandum
Drs Frans Solleveld , Gemeente Amsterdam
Kritische overdenking van de geschiedenis en de huidige kansen en bedreigingen van Amsterdams fietsbeleid.
Detailed description of the bicycle policy of the municipality of Zwolle in the last decade, mainly focusing on the explanation for the high bicycle use. Bicycle routes, bicycle lanes.
Ten years’ implementation of the Ghent Bicycle Plan: both organisation and infrastructure and sensitising and stimulating. [Fietsverkeer - 2004]
Cor van der Klaauw , Groningen
Presentation on Groningen bicycles policy, with clear illustrations.
Rodrigo Cajas (Recicleta)
30-01-2014 @ 00:33


I was reading the "continuous an Integral" document and I was impressed. 


Here in my country (Santiago de Chile) many organisations are working together, pushing the authorities (municipal specially)  in order to obtain and implement a new vision about our city development. Bycicle use grows day by day and car use seems to be boundless. But we're moving. Slowly, maybe, but moving.

By the way, I'm quite sure that we're doing things very well as a country (old policies are stucking), and soon we'll see lights.

As a volunteer of Recicleta, i was wondering, if you don't mind: is there a Spanish version of this document? If there isnt: do you mind if I translate it? (im a translation student) Only for sharing.


Hugs and regards froim Chile!!

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