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Bicycle Traffic Design Indicator Index

Peter Kroeze (Ligtermoet & Partners) , CROW

The Bicycle Traffic Design Indicator (CROW publication 230) is the standard reference for designers and policy makers. This index helps them find the required information.

Download file. Click to open link (opens in new window):

In 2006 the CROW published its Bicycle Traffic Design Indicator, the successor to Signing for the Bicycles. Unfortunately there is no index. By downloading the attached index, you can search easily on key words. Or look for the word on this page (CRL-F in Explorer). The Bicycle Traffic Design Indicator is not available on the Internet. The paper version of the bicycle traffic design indicator can be ordered from the CROW.

Short description of what is new in the second edition of Ontwerpwijzer Fietsverkeer.
Article by the Dutch Cyclists Association about the main changes and improvements in the new Bicycle Traffic Design Indicator of 2006.

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