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Design manual for bicycle traffic | New Edition


In order to retain the bicycle’s rightful position within the traffic system and, where possible, to strengthen it, a bicycle-friendly infrastructure is needed. The new CROW-record 28 entitled ‘Design Manual for Bicycle Traffic’ describes the steps required to achieve such an infrastructure.

Table of content

1. The development of bicycle traffic
1.1 The importance of the bicycle
1.2 The history of the bicycle
1.3 The bicycle and government policy
1.4 The role of the bicycle

2. Cycle-friendly design
2.1 Policy as foundation
2.2 Cycle-friendly infrastructure
2.3 The cyclist as a measure for the design
2.4 Main requirements cycle-friendly infrastructure
2.5 Integrated designing

3. Basic data
3.1 Bicycle dimensions
3.2 (Design) speed, accelerating and braking
3.3 Stability, deviation and clearance
3.4 Bends and view
3.5 Inclines
3.6 Patterns in bicycle use
3.7 Fellow users of cycle facilities

4. Design of the cycle network
4.1 The basis of any design
4.2 Levels in quality
4.3 Requirements for the main cycle network
4.4 Establishing main cycle network
4.5 Bicycle highways
4.6 Recreational cycle network

5. Road sections
5.1 Function, design and use
5.2 Requirements for a road section
5.2.1 Directness
5.3 Solitary cycle paths and cycle/moped paths
5.4 Bicycle traffic and motorized traffic within built-up areas
5.5 Bicycle traffic and motorized traffic outside of built-up areas
5.6 Special situations

6. Junctions
6.1 Function, design and use
6.2 Requirements for a junction
6.3 Junctions according to road type

7. Implementation, maintenance and furnishings
7.1 Road surfacing
7.2 Verges and plants
7.3 Lighting
7.4 Signage
7.5 Personal safety
7.6 Other facilities

8. Evaluation and management
8.1 Inspecting and evaluating bicycle connections
8.2 Inspecting surfacing for cyclists
8.3 Measures in the case of work in progress
8.4 Winter maintenance for the benefit of cyclists

Design sheets

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