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A broad promotional campaign is a campaign intended to “sell” the idea of bicycling to those who currently don’t cycle, and to create a positive image for cycling among the public in general. Similar to the way that automobile advertising promotes a certain lifestyle, a successful cycling campaign appeals to the emotions of its audience to sell the idea of cycling.

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In the same way that car manufacturers use emotion-based marketing to sell the idea of a lifestyle connected with buying a given car, the idea of cycling can be “sold” to the general public. A broadly-focused promotional campaign for cycling puts – or keeps – cycling in the public eye in a positive way. A campaign is usually associated with a particular slogan or image (or both), although the specific messages conveyed by your campaign depend on your target audience.
In champion cities, broad promotional campaigns serve to reinforce the existing culture, to reward the choice of those who already cycle, and to encourage non-cyclists to “join the crowd.” In starter cities, promotional campaigns help to give the general population cause to rethink their current attitude toward cycling (or perhaps to even start to think about cycling at all).  Climber cities may have some combination of these two.

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