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Bicycle crossings on roundabouts


CROW-Publication 126a is a supplement to Publication 126 (Unity in roundabouts, 1998) and contains recommendations for the design of safe bicycle crossings on roundabouts within the built-up area. [summary]

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From a traffic safety point of view road users should be able to ascertain at a glance which priority regimen is valid. To this end TNO Technische Menskunde was requested by CROW to investigate which characteristics are crucial to the recognition of the priority regimen at a specific location. The investigation proves, among other things, that road users mainly depend on road signs such as give-way road markings when determining priority. The red bicycle crossing is also a main characteristic for road users to determine whether cyclists do indeed have priority. The set-up and results of the investigation have been described in publication 126a.

SWOV-rapport over de relatieve onveiligheid van fietsers bij de voorrang op rotondes - en de reacties van de Fietsersbond.
A. Dijkstra - SWOV , SWOV, rapport R-2004-14
Fietsveiligheid bij wel of geen rotonde, wel of geen fietsvoorzieningen en wel of geen voorrang voor fietsers op fietspaden.
SWOV report about the relative unsafety of cyclists with priority on roundabouts – and the reactions of the Fietsersbond.
Short description of what is new in the second edition of Ontwerpwijzer Fietsverkeer.
Enschede is een campagne gestart om fietsers te bewegen richting aan te geven op rotondes. Directe aanleiding vormde de problemen op de rotonde aan de Haaksbergerstraat, een bekende bottleneck in de stad.

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