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  • 20-07-2015
    Commissioned by the Asian Development Bank, two Dutch engineering consultancies, Royal HaskoningDHV and Ecofys, have formulated a bicycle policy (including the necessary support measures) to improve cycling conditions in Beijng capital city of China.
  • 24-06-2015
    How much would you save by replacing a car or a delivery van by an e-cargobike?
  • 22-06-2015
    As a result of their cycling culture, citizens of the Netherlands live, on average, half a year longer than non-cycling citizens elsewhere in the world. And cycling leads to 11,000 fewer deaths per year.

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  • Rapport
    This evaluation of the European Cyclists' Federation shows that three of the four cities applying a system of congestion charging use part of the revenues from their respective scheme for measures related to cycling. Especially London and Milan support the development of cycling through the congestion charging system and have positive results.  
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    Using the "Health Economic Assessment Tools (HEAT)" for cycling and for walking, developed by WHO, the economic benefits of health effects from regular cycling and walking in Switzerland were quantified for the first time.
  • Rapport
    The current study analyses the value that citizens of Amsterdam attach to parked bicycles and bicycle parking facilities in their residential environment. Additionally, the willingness to pay for indoor bicycle parking facilities is analysed.

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